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Gorgeous New Restaurant 'Speakeasy' Just Opened in Cairo and It Will Elevate the City's Dining Scene

11/01/2017 16:26

Speakeasy, the new elegant restaurant de jour in Cairo, is set to refine the city's dining experience come Friday when it flings open its doors in Korba, Heliopolis. Oh, and they have a cigar lounge.

Heliopolis residents, all you guys living in Katameya and Tagamoa - basically everybody on that side of town - this is your time. This is your moment. All those long miserable hours you wasted on the 6th October Bridge just to get the fancy treatment you deserve will soon be a distant memory with the opening of Speakeasy, a hot new restaurant and bar on your block, and its exceptional Mediterranean cuisine, classy cocktails, and cigars.

Set to open next Friday 13th of January in Korba, Speakeasy promises nothing short of a truly novel experience. Not only do they have an actual cigar lounge, so you can basically pretend you're a politician in the 20s discussing world domination and whatnot, but we've got the inside scoop on what their menu will feature and it's definitely set to up the culinary game in Egypt. The swanky spot will be serving some incredibly unique and unorthodox dishes - think vodka-infused salmon, cognac seafood casserole, and orange sautéed duck. 

"There isn't a dish at Speakeasy that you could order anywhere else in the world," explains Maged Sami, the founder of the brand new venue. "Our entire menu consists of original dishes, which were entirely conceptualized by our award-winning chef, and are a mix of international cuisine blended with Egypt's finest produce. Egyptians expect higher standards when it comes to their cuisine now, and we made sure to raise the bar even further."

To house these epic delicacies Speakeasy selected a stunning historical Korba villa, originally built in the 1920s, and converted it into a spot that would make Winston Churchill positively swoon. All high ceilings, ornate chandeliers, and bold columns, the interiors have been transformed into a feat of Architectural-Digest-worthy art. "The concept behind Speakeasy has been fully developed years ago, but we held off from actualising it until we found a proper venue that could accommodate our vision. We found this historical 1920s building, and we put a lot of investment in preserving the authentic feel to it while also adding a touch of modernity. The interiors were designed by a renowned Italian designer."

Between the gorgeous space, the food which we will gladly allow to destroy all our ridiculous notions of a diet, and the fact that they have a cigar lounge, this is pretty much set to be the new It spot in the city. Plus, we can totally wear suspenders. Finally. 

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @speakeasycairo.

For reservations call 01211711046 or 01211711062.


Flappers & Dappers at the Ready: Speakeasy Has Brought the Roaring Twenties to 2017 Cairo

23 April 2017

Green-eyed Heliopolites often complain about the lack of new arrivals in the way of dining and nightlife in their area – and it’s understandable. Their neighbours in New Cairo have plenty to sink their teeth into.

But rest easy, people of Masr El Gedida – y’all have just got what could be the best new venue in the whole of Cairo.

Speakeasy is the name and, to a certain extent, speakeasy is the game. Taking inspiration from the speakeasies of the US’s prohibition era in the 1920s – the kind that Al Capone and co. frequently visited – there’s a distinct sophistication about what is a unique venue.

Speakeasies prided themselves on being exclusive – unknown to all but the movers and shakers. Remember that scene from The Great Gatsby where Leo takes the gormless Toby Maguire through a secret door at a barber to find a room dripping in everything you think of when you imagine the Roaring Twenties? Well, they might not have been quite as extravagant as that, but that was very much the carefree, YOLO-before-YOLO-existed vibe of America’s top speakeasies and there are certainly traces of influence in Speakeasy’s subtle sophistication and old-money Egyptian touches.

What this all amounts to at the stunning refurbished Korba villa, is a sleek but somehow warm space that boasts the high ceilings that a grand venue of this kind demands and vintage-licked chandeliers that give you exactly the lighting it needs.

This is all good and fine, but that’s not the real pièce de résistance – Speakeasy’s menu is its crown jewel.

From beginning to end, the menu is full of alluring, creative dishes; from a simple salmon teriyaki starter that brings together baked fresh salmon, coriander and sesame oil and teriyaki, to the cutely named Crabacado – crab, avocado timbale and caviar minestrone. Yum.

But it’s not all dainty hors d’oeuvres and appetisers – the carnivorous will no doubt enjoy the Beef Medaillon de Veau with spinach polenta and mushroom, or the Braised Duck, toasted almond and butter bake rice for two. Or it can be for one – there are no judgements here.

But hold on – there’s more. Speakeasy’s cocktail menu is just as colourful. There are, of course, classics like all kinds of Martinis, but the real goodies are in cocktails like the Electric Lemonade, Atomic Plum and the Cactus Bite. There are also a big range of wines that the folk at Speakeasy are keen to match with their dishes.

After you’ve feasted and quenched your thirst, then you’ll find yourself hankering for a quality cigar, obviously. Speakeasy has a range of over 30 cigars to pick and choose from

To find out more, follow Speakeasy on Facebook and Instagram.

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Ladies and Gentlemen of Egypt, We Give You the Most Exclusive Lounge in the Country

Written by Mohamed Rashed

Ladies and gents of Cairo, you’ll no longer be bothered by the existence of young millennials anymore because you now have Speakeasy.

Situated in the heart of Korba, Speakeasy is the most exclusive lounge and restaurant in Egypt. The venue’s haute-hideaway serves up gourmet Mediterranean culinary creations in a sumptuous setting made for mingling, mixing and after-dark memories.

Speakeasy speaks in three colors; white, red, and rose.

Egypt’s Speakeasy may have opened in January of this year, but the concept itself originated in 1920 when the prohibition era was the way of life and the sale of liquor was illegal; that’s the very same year where the Speakeasy venue was built.

The gentleman’s club is a one-of-a-kind place; not because of the luxurious setting, exotic décor or the vintage atmosphere, but because of how everything inside the place harmonizes with one another; be it food, drinks, cigars or anything else. Speakeasy’s unique menu is a pure work of art: The chef comes from a very profound culinary background and has created a special menu that you certainly will not find elsewhere.

The variety in the food and beverages at Speakeasy guarantees endless possibilities of pairings. In a similar manner, Speakeasy’s staff are experts in food and wine pairings. In case you’re wondering, yes, food pairing is a science. For example, you wouldn’t want to eat a seafood dish with a bold red wine, or a grilled steak with a white one.

Only Speakeasy staff can guide you on what wine to pair with the Surf and Turf; the heavenly combination between Beef Fillet and Lobster!

Aiming to keep demonstrating their superiority, Speakeasy only uses top-quality deluxe spices and special ingredients.

That’s where proper dates should be.

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